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List of published major incidents

The list is now published as a pdf icon PDF file. 2017 incidents are here.

Details of the 295 incidents during 2016 pdf icon are available here sorted by both date and road.

Bear in mind that many of the incidents don't just apply to one road - they have knock on effects to the whole of South Hampshire, especially those on the M27 and they are only the incidents that I have noticed whilst browsing the Web.

Just a little picture to show the chaos caused by a closure westbound of the M27 at the 4 into 3 section on 01-12-2016

M27 chaos map


Delme Arms Roundabout


As part of Operation Resilience, Hampshire County Council’s programme to make Hampshire’s roads more resilient to the effects of extreme weather and heavy traffic, Notice of upcoming carriageway resurfacing works on the whole of the Delme Arms Roundabout, in three phases.

The works are programmed for 09th May – 12th May & 15th May – 16th May 2017 and are expected to last for 6 nights during which time the road will be closed to vehicular traffic from approximately 21:00 to 06:00 hrs. The road will be open during the daytime.

Information signs advising road users of the works will be erected in advance of the works starting. A letter will be sent to local residents and an email will be sent to Fareham Borough Council to advise them accordingly.

Should you have any questions or require further information please contact the Operation Resilience team on 01962 813063 or email


M27 Junction 7


M27 J9£2.5M for M27 J7

As part of this programme, Highways England will deliver further small schemes in addition to major motorway and A-Road improvement; these will take place before 2020.

As reported, the improvements at Junction 7 are part of plans to turn the M27 into a ‘smart motorway’.

The plans, which were unveiled in January, involve turning the hard shoulder into a fourth lane to improve traffic flow.

The project for the stretch of motorway between Junction 4 and 11 is part of Highway England’s smart motorway programme.

Nothing yet on J9, J10 or J11.

The News icon Link to the Daily Echo article.


Stubbington By-pass fully funded


Quote from Caroline Dinenage - MP for Gosport

"Today, I am delighted to announce that the Government will provide the funding necessary to complete the Stubbington Bypass.

This new strategic route is essential to meet the needs of long-suffering residents and commuters. It will transform connectivity of the Solent Enterprise Zone & the wider Gosport peninsula and it is estimated to unlock £200m of private sector leverage.

Since I was first elected I have campaigned tirelessly for investment to tackle our road congestion problems & improve access to the peninsula. I believe this is essential for overcoming barriers to our area’s regeneration and driving economic prosperity, jobs, skills and training. You can read about the journey to this point here:

The bypass scheme involves a package of transport infrastructure improvements including:

The Stubbington bypass won't only help residents in Stubbington, Hill Head & Lee on the Solent. Traffic studies show that half of cars leaving Gosport heard west on M27 towards Southampton. A new peninsula access route will help take cars off of the A32, therefore supporting the whole Gosport peninsula.

The funding announced forms part of the Solent LEP’s Local Growth Deal bid. The total project cost of the Stubbington bypass is £34.2m. Particularly thanks to the support of fantastic Cllrs Sean Woodward, Graham Burgess & Chris Wood, an £8.5m contribution from Hampshire County Council was secured in summer 2016, meaning that £25.7m was required from central Government to complete the project"

And from Rob Humby "Hampshire County Council has dedicated a great deal of time securing planning permission and preparing business cases for the scheme, following engagement with local residents and business communities."- We know they 'consulted' but did they listen? Daily Echo icon Link to a Daily Echo article.

Well that's the access road for Newlands now funded. Will Cllr. Woodward's promise about no development at Newlands hold up or will it just turn out to be so much hot air as many people expect?

Is it just me or is it slightly strange that even though this new access road will be in our Suella's demesne? The announcement first came from the MP for Gosport, it doesn't (as of today) even appear on her web page.


Investment in roads


Seven new projects expected to start in the next couple of years (depending on external funding), these include:

£60,000 TPO Contract cancelled with HCC


Quote from The News icon The News article

"COUNCILLORS have become embroiled in a tense debate over a decision to scrap a £60,000 contract with another authority over orders to keep roads safe."

It just shows how important videos are becoming, unfortunately this was the first Executive committee meeting that fell through the gap yet the only mention about the subject in the minutes is from the FBC published FBC Icon Printed draft minutes which doesn't exactly say a lot.


(1) Traffic Management

Councillors S D T Woodward and K D Evans declared Non Pecuniary Interests for this item as they are both Hampshire County Councillors. They remained present at the meeting and took part in the discussion of the item.

At the invitation of the Executive Leader, Councillor R H Price, JP addressed the Executive on this item. He declared a Non Pecuniary Interest for this item as he is a Hampshire County Councillor.

RESOLVED that the Executive:

(a) approves the termination of the current traffic management agreement with Hampshire County Council; and

(b) approves to continue funding the provision of deploying speed limit reminder signs with a budget of £8,000 per annum."

If, like me, you haven't got a clue what a TPO is the legal definition of the phrase is available HMG icon here


M27 Bin lorry overturns


Overturned bin lorry Picture from The News article

The News icon Link to The News article

A Gosport bin lorry jack-knifed and overturned on the eastbound M27 between junctions 11 & 12 this morning, it occurred at about 11:00. The effect was still being felt as late as 14:30 as far afield as Shedfield Common, presumably everybody exiting the M27 at Burseldon or Hedge End and trying to go through Botley and Wickham and then over Portsdown Hill. The A27 was virtually at a standstill from J9.

The traffic started to flow again at about 15:00 only for the 2 offside lanes to be closed for the repair of the barriers. So with a single incident on the M27 virtually the whole of the road system from Whiteley to east of Portchester was brought almost to a standstill for about 8 hours (they think that the repairs will be completed by about 19:00), a 'smart' motorway is not going to help in a situation like this, and they do seem to happen with monotonous regularity. I wonder if Suella's meeting with our P.M. will be able to doa nything to help.


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