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Suella Fernandes is Fareham's M.P.

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Electoral boundary reforms


I wasn't too sure where to put this link, the Home page, Devolution or here but as it's to do with local constituency boundaries I finally plumped for here. The words are those in the The News but I didn't think that it was worth adding a link just to read this. If you want to see the comments then the The News icon  link is here

existing boundaries proposed boundaries
Existing Boundaries Initial proposals

A SECOND public consultation has opened over plans to redraw parliamentary constituency boundaries as part of electoral reforms.

It follows a decision to reduce the number of constituencies in the UK to 600 from 650.

The biggest local reform would see Meon Valley scrapped and its voters moved to either Fareham, Winchester or the East Hampshire constituencies. More minor plans have been unveiled to tweak the Portsmouth North and South constituencies.

Quite what area the Meon Valley consists of is completely unclear but would it make sense to combine a basically urban constituency with a basically rural one. The requirements from an MP are completely different. Possibly bringing Knowle into the Fareham demesne might make sense but I don't think that that is in the plan.

To have a say, visit Boundary Commision icon


Suella's campaigns


Links to Suella's website

Infrastructure, transport and planning

Ensuring that we provide adequate, affordable housing for a growing population is a national priority, and one which matters locally to people in Fareham too. But it is vital that new developments take place in the right places, and that they are properly supported by adequate local infrastructure. The planning process has to strike the right balance between providing the homes we need for the next generation, and ensuring that we preserve the character and beauty of our existing towns and villages.

I support the outline plans for new housing developments at Welborne and North Whiteley, but have raised with the local authorities the concerns of local people about their potential impact on infrastructure and local services. I will continue to champion the interests of local people, who want to ensure that these large developments take proper account of local feeling.

And really worrying that our MP seems to want EVEN MORE houses. It makes you wonder just who she is representing.

I am backing a new initiative to bring more homes to Fareham


Suella's reply


Reply to the e-mail below from Suella's senior case worker.

Many thanks for your email to Suella. I do hope to have some useful information for you.

Suella holds surgeries once a month on a Friday and has done so since October 2015. Due to the horrific murder of Jo Cox MP at a drop in surgery, these must be booked in advance and the exact location is now only given to those with an appointment. They are therefore advertised as, for example, below:

Surgery Friday 20th January, Fareham North. Surgery Friday 24th February, Whiteley.

Posters advertising these surgeries are on display in over 100 locations across the constituency, such as community centres, GP surgeries, libraries, police stations, schools, parish halls and numerous shops. In addition, Suella’s newsletter advertises of these on a monthly basis.

Surgeries are used to discuss individual casework matters, for instance a person’s difficulty with HMRC, Pension payments, or access to medical care or schools.

Coffee events are used to discuss policy issues such as those you mention. These have been held regularly, with the last being held in November and being advertised in the InTouch magazine, delivered to every household in the constituency. The next coffee morning is to be held on Friday 17th March 2017, 11-12:30 at Titchfield Community Centre.

In addition, Suella holds group meetings on current topics, such as the Broadband Meeting, held in October and the EU meeting held in June. These are often advertised in the local press too.

Events such as coffee mornings and meetings can be found at:

I do hope this information helps.

Kindest regards,

I must admit I don't remember her In Touch magazine but that may be my fault and perhaps I ought to be more careful about sorting my junk mail in future. I shall now add these dates to the diary page for future reference.

Suella's surgeries


Sent to Suella today

Good day

I remember at the end of your first year as the Parliamentary representative for Fareham you said that you were going The News icon to hold local surgeries.

Now that Welborne, Newlands, Cranleigh Road, Brook Lane, Stubbington By-pass and other development schemes are coming very close in time I am sure that many of your constituents would welcome the resumption of this idea as it seems to have died of late, either that or the advertising of such surgeries is so bad that very few people are aware of them. As I am sure you must be aware – great concern is being raised about the local ambulance service, Queen Alexandra Hospital’s seeming inability with the current population, lack of care for the elderly and infirm, etc. it would be very nice to have your views on how these can start to be resolved. Nothing more seems to have happened at Fareham Community Hospital despite your support for extending the services that are supplied there.

If you do intend to resume these meetings and would care to let me know when and where these surgeries will be, I shall ensure that they are published on the Inform Fareham website for the wider dissemination of the your constituents, a suggestion that they might be held in popular, easily accessible places like the library, or even the Council Offices has been made – I just pass this idea on with no great thought on my part.

A reply at your convenience would be greatly appreciated

Yours sincerely

I shall post her reply as soon as it arrives.


Reply from HCC about 'fridges


pdf icon A reply to my FOI request was received from Waste and Resource Management at Hampshire County Council. Whilst the immediate problem has been resolved, to quote from the reply "The underlying national situation in terms of the processing capacity, whilst improving, still exists within the UK and the concerns about the targets and financial structures within the WEEE system remain. With this in mind there is some concern remaining for the County Council that there is a risk that the situation may arise again and as a result the County Council is still maintaining temporary contingency arrangements to mitigate this in the future." So there could well still be a problem but at least we can now dispose of the old hardware.

So far it has cost our council £20,000. Although the Council admit that the problem should truly be placed at the feet of DEFRA, just like all other central Governement services, they seem to be trying to not want to accept their financial responsibilities and passing it onto the local Council Tax payers.

The News icon Link to The News article


Fareham MP wants investment in community hospital


"I spoke with the prime minister about how expansion and investment in Fareham Community Hospital so it has greater service provision could ease some of these pressures"

During the meeting with Theresa May, the Fareham MP said more drop-in facilities were needed in the town.

She said: 'I know many people have been concerned with the issues at QA Hospital and GP appointment waiting times.'"

The News icon Link to The News article


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Communities and Local Government: Topical Questions
National Citizen Service Bill [Lords]


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