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Fareham Borough GP surgeries


Surgery Map

Ref Practice Name Postcode Phone No. of Doctors No. of Patients Patient:Doctor Ratio Patient Rating %age
1 Highlands Medical Centre, Highlands Road PO15
01329 845777 7 16130 2304 74.3
2 Brook Lane Surgery, Brook Lane, Sarisbury Green SO31 7DQ 01329 280887 4 12030 2005 67.2
3 Westlands Medical Centre, Westlands Grove, Portchester PO16 9AE 01329 845777 8 10349 1150 84.9
4 Gudgeheath Lane Surgery, Gudgeheath Lane PO15 6QA 01489 885637 6 8455 1409 84.2
5 Portchester Health Centre, West Street, Portchester PO16 9TU 01489 575191 6 9237 1319 94.9
6 The Stubbington Medical Practice, Park Lane, Stubbington PO14 2JP 01329 844220 9 13052 1459 65.2
7 Lockswood Surgery SO31 6DX 01489 576708 8 13320 1902 73.7
8 The Centre Practice, Osborn Road PO16 7ER 02392 377514 9 14579 1619 75.3
9 Jubilee Surgery, High Street, Titchfield PO14 4EH 0844 477 8642 4 9677 2419 71.3
10 The Whiteley Surgery, Yew Tree Drive, Whiteley PO15 7LB 01489 881982 5 13249 2650 70.3
11 Fareham Community Hospital S013 7DQ 01489 587400 N/A N/A N/A N/A

Figures obtained from NHS Choices
Patient Rating refers to the number of patients that would recommend their GP surgery to friends and families.

Admittedly there are lies, downright lies and statistics and if you look into the figures, the sample size in a lot, if not most, cases is stupidly small as far as the patient rating is concerned, but none of the practices in Fareham manage to reach the "best" as far as the NHS is concerned and two are among the worst.

Doctors waiting room With in excess of 2000 patients to each doctor in Fareham, this seems to be typical of most parts of the country,  it makes one wonder where the new residents of the Welborne and Newlands (if it is built) will be able to find health care until the new surgeries are built and staffed. We are continually hearing of the crisis in staffing levels in the Health Care profession so surely these points need to be addressed far earlier in the process than just hoping that the service will make itself available.

It is all well and good for our political leaders to promise another 2000 GPs by 2020, but where are they are going to come from? According to this article from The Huffington Post, there is already a global shortfall of health workers of some 7.2M.


How many GPs do we really have?


A comment sent from one of our readers with regard to the number of GPs actually working in Fareham

"Under your 'drop down' menu for Local Services, the article from 19th August quoted for Stubbington that there are 9 doctors.

The reality here (and more than likely at other surgeries in the Borough) is that when you dig a little deeper you will find that Stubbington has 1 full time doctor and 7 part-time doctors. They do a great job but are obviously under a lot of strain regarding the demand.

FBC state there will be new surgeries at Wellbourne and Newlands (if the latter goes ahead) but where will the doctors and nurses come from to fill these practices.

If we get doctors and nurses from overseas then we are depriving those countries of their own medical staff."

Out of interest I went to Suella’s soiree last night at The Navigator and quizzed her on just what the Welborne Health Hub will consist of and she couldn't answer the question, there was some bluster and phrases like "the GPs will be supplied as neccessary but only as the Village grows". She did compliment Cllr. Woodward on what a sterling job he had done in getting the CCG to backtrack and promise to provide the necessary cover. The question is just what those services will be and she seemed to go very quiet when pressed on the point. I did suggest, slightly tongue in cheek, that it could just be a computer with a Skype link to a doctor in Mumbai and she didn’t completely demur.

Portsmouth wanted to build a Health Hub that consisted of a doctor’s surgery, dentist, optician, physiotherapist and a pharmacy all under one roof. A 27-bedroom care home and 32-bedroom nursing home would be built on the upper floors in addition to 24 assisted living flats. Link to The News article. Unfortunately that failed but on the grounds of incorrect siting.

Now that's what I call a health hub.


Press Release from Fareham and Gosport and South Eastern Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Groups


Same day GP appointment service to start in Fareham

"Hundreds of Fareham patients are set to benefit from a new same-day GP appointment service which will start next month.

Four of the ten GP practices in the borough are working together to develop a new way of offering same day appointments to their patients.

Highlands Practice, Jubilee Surgery, Stubbington Medical Practice and Whiteley Surgery, have joined forces to provide the new Fareham Primary Care Service (FPCS).

Highlands, Jubilee and Whiteley will launch the service on September 20 – with Stubbington joining the project from January 2, 2018.

Other practices may follow if the initiative proves successful.

But it will be run along similar lines to the Same Day Access Service (SDAS) which has been run by four of Gosport’s 11 GP practices at Gosport War Memorial since late 2015.

Fareham practices expect up to 900 phone calls every Monday from patients wanting a same day appointment, putting GPs and other staff under huge pressure to meet expectations in addition to routine appointments.

The FPCS will operate out of Fareham Community Hospital, as part of the local NHS’s commitment to introduce new services and increase use of the site.

NHS Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group has organised an online survey for patients of the participating practices to seek their views as the service is developed. The survey is available on the four practice websites.

Patients will phone their GP practice as normal and, if they need a same-day appointment, they will be asked to confirm that their details can be shared by the service.

They will then be called back in order of clinical priority with the nurse or GP having a detailed conversation with them which may result in the patient being given advice about how to take care of themselves, arrangements made for medication to be available at a pharmacy or an appointment offered.

The Gosport SDAS has received more than 90% satisfaction levels – with 60% of patients having their issue resolved on the same day through non face-to-face contact.

Dr Tom Bertram, a GP at Jubilee Surgery and the Fareham project’s clinical lead, said: “This is a really positive step for Fareham. We have already seen the service successfully rolled out in Gosport and what we want to do here is replicate that. This is not just about same day access – but extended hours as well, and we will be hoping to add additional services in future.

“We know that Fareham Community Hospital is not the easiest place for everyone to get to – but equally we know from an earlier survey that patients have told us that they would be prepared to travel further if it means they can have a same-day appointment, providing one is required.

“The service will be run by GPs, nurses and staff from all four practices. We now really want to hear from patients at the participating practices by asking them to complete the survey. Their views will help shape the service as it is developed and evolved.” You can access the online survey here"

I wonder if that will allow Suella to say that her part in the more efficient use of this building is done?


CQC says Brook Lane Surgery is inadequate.


A FAREHAM doctor’s surgery has been told that it has to improve after an inspection found numerous failings within its facilities.

Daily Echo icon Link to The Daily Echo article


Have your say on Fareham and Gosport NHS services.


The News icon  Link to The News article

Here's your chance to have your say on how our GP surgeries should operate in the future. As they are all already over-subscribed it may be an important 'so-called' survey, unfortunately it is yet another multi-choice quiz but no hint of a REAL consultation with those that it will affect.

Link to the survey site - It is open until 17:00 on 23-12-2016.


PLANS are under way to improve health care in Fareham and ensure it can cope in the future.


The News icon  Link to The News article

One wonders how much difference it can make when one bears in mind the future growth of the population in Fareham

Quote from The News article: "A meeting was held last month for health professionals from across the sector to discuss ways of moving forward with care.

It comes as Gosport has been at the centre of pilots such as the same-day access service and GP practices partnering with NHS trusts such as Southern Health."

And with Southern Health under such close scrutiny for poor management will a more integrated association with it prove very benficial?


Interesting articles

A few interesting press articles but there are many more, just try a Google search on "GP Shortages".
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