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Action Against Destructive Development Eastleigh

Link to the Action Against Destructive Development Eastleigh website

Our aim


Eastleigh Borough Council (EBC) is without a Local Plan. Its last attempt to agree such a plan was thrown out by the planning inspector in 2014. A new plan, which will cover the period to 2036, is now emerging. Our aim is to inform the debate to ensure the best outcome:

  • We recognise that as a growing, successful borough, Eastleigh needs to provide thousands of new homes to hard-working people. Managed well, developments of this nature could make a significant contribution to the economic, cultural and social fabric of the borough. These developments are inevitable, but need to be done right.
  • EBC is faced with a number of options as it considers how best to deliver this requirement. If it chooses the right options, these developments can bring widespread benefits right the way across the borough for the benefit of Eastleigh: (i) they can improve transport links by opening up rail connections between Eastleigh, Fareham and on to Portsmouth; (ii) they can build stronger communities by creating comfortable homes for families and doing so in a manner that integrates these new homes successfully into the borough, building stronger, closer ties between people; and (iii) they can also be managed in a way that minimises environmental impact. Eastleigh is fortunate to have some of the finest countryside in South East England and this needs to be carefully preserved.
  • A plan to deliver each of these requirements already exists. But the council’s apparent preferred choice for the strategic planning development to develop new homes – options B and C – threatens to create an isolated community on the northern edge of the borough, separated from the rest of the borough, hampered by inadequate transport links and one which risks irreparable long-term harm to the beautiful countryside.
  • The wrong choice would be a major blow not just for the people most directly affected by the development but for the whole of the borough, now and for generations to come. It could cause real, lasting damage and fail to capitalise on the positive potential these developments could bring.


Petition: Give communities back the right to decide where houses are built


We are urging all our supporters to sign a new UK Government and Parliament petition calling for communities to be given back “the right to decide where houses are built”. The release this week of the government’s housing white paper means the time is ripe for applying such pressure!

In particular, the petition “calls for a parliamentary debate on government Housing and Planning policy over building on greenfield land and seeks community right of appeal on planning decisions and the removal of the presumption in favour of sustainable development.”

It goes on: “Too many communities are now forced to accept large housing developments seeing the irreversible loss of valuable greenfields without the right of appeal. The failure of government planning policy has resulted in the loss of valued countryside and agricultural land and leaves communities forced to grow too fast without appropriate infrastructure. Major changes to planning legislation are required to protect established communities across the UK and deliver the right housing in the right places.”

To sign the petition, please click here.


Community Action Fareham CAF logo

Link to the Community Action Fareham website

Community Action Fareham works with community groups and charities in the Fareham borough, growing community spirit so that people feel included, and are active, healthier and happier. Importantly, we work with our local councils who provide funding for us to support this community activity.

This is the organisation that supports and/or runs:

Possibly with all of the problems that our Health Service faces probably the most important of these groups are the Voluntary Car Scheme in helping to get people to and from hospital appointments, and the Voluntary Sector Health Forum where you can find out about what is going on in this sector with a calendar of meetings and minutes of previous meetings. Unfortunately minutes of some of the latest previous meetings seem to be unavailable.


Campaign to Protect Rural England CPRE logo

Link to the Campaign to Protect Rural England website

Be positive: the Housing Minister’s challenge to CPRE


"A week ago the Housing Minister Gavin Barwell gave CPRE’s annual lecture – you can read it here and view it here. The theme of the speech was familiar: how can we build more new homes? But it was a great improvement on similar speeches I have heard, for two reasons."

CPRE logo Link to article by CPRE

HMG logo Link to Gavin Barwell's speech


Flawed housing targets


Set up to fail: why housing targets based on flaw numbers threaten our countryside CPRE logo Link to article by CPRE

CPRE Hampshire's Planning and Policy Group is keen to draw your attention to the findings from 'Set up to fail: why housing targets based on flawed numbers threaten our countryside'. The report can be found on the CPRE website (* see link below).


Housing White Paper


We’re hugely heartened that the paper promises the continued protection of the Green Belt, support for more brownfield development, and to address the failures of the housing market as opposed to the further meddling with the planning system – all fundamental issues CPRE has relentlessly banged the campaign drum on.

CPRE logo Link to article by CPRE:


tackling housing crisis needs realistic housing targets


CPRE have releases a very informative article on the forthcoming Government white paper
Quote from theCPRE logo article by CPRE:
"CPRE is concerned that the Government will recommend setting even higher housing targets in areas of high demand in response to 'market signals'. Further inflated and unachievable targets for local authorities will inevitably be missed because of a lack of supporting public funding, and councils will then be forced to release more land, with developers able to ‘cherry pick’ the most profitable greenfield sites, rather than brownfield sites or sites that are supported by local communities. The impact of this is likely to be most acutely felt in the villages and small towns of the south and south east."


Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership

Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership website

Shore repairs

The Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) formed an alliance in 2012 to deliver a combined, efficient and comprehensive coastal management service across the coastlines of four Local Authorities of Fareham Borough Council, Gosport Borough Council. Havant Borough Council and Portsmouth City Council."By being part of a group of co-operating Local Authorities, Fareham has clearly gained access to real expertise and government / agency grant monies.

"Development of the high quality Coastal Strategy for the Fareham coastline by the ESCP would not have been possible acting by ourselves with our own resources". Cllr Keith Evans, Partnership Joint Member Board, Executive Member for Strategic Planning and Environment, Fareham Borough Council


Funtley Village Society

Link to Funtley Village Society website
Deer funtley fields

Funtley Village Society has 5 primary objectives:

  • To help sustain a corporate interest in the village as a community
  • To foster those features of village life which the majority of the villagers consider to be of benefit to them and their neighbourhood
  • To resist those changes that the majority of villagers consider to be detrimental to them and their neighbourhood
  • To represent the views of the villagers to local authorities and other outside bodies
  • To provide a means of communication to the village for local authorities and other outside bodies

Objections to Planning Application P/17/0045/OA


We oppose the outline planning application on the following grounds: The current situation is that the designated site for development is designated as 'countryside' under the Fareham Local Plan.

Your colleague, Peter Kneen, has confirmed to us that for development to take place on designated countryside land, it has to be under 'exceptional circumstances'. Such 'exceptional circumstances' may be, we understand, as follows:

  1. For 100% affordable housing.
  2. For agricultural/forestry/fishing purposes.
  3. To build a new 'Stately Home'.

This application does not meet any of these criteria. The only one that comes close is for 100% ‘affordable homes’. However, given that the current proposal for 27 homes only includes 11 'affordable' homes, and that the developer and landowner are neither a registered housing association nor any such similar body, it is our contention that none of the necessary criteria for countryside development are met by this proposal.

Read the rest of the objection here.


Knowle Village Residents Association

Link to Knowle Village Residents Association website

Knowle village

Knowle is a unique village set within acres of farmland and boasts countryside walks to the local pub in Funtley


Partnership for Urban South Hampshire PUSH Icon

Partnership for Urban South Hampshire website

Landscape picture

Seán Woodward Fareham BC   Donna Jones Portsmouth CC
Guy Shepherd East Hampshire DC   Keith House Eastleigh BC
Mark Hook Gosport BC   Roy Perry Hampshire CC
Mike Cheshire Havant BC   Jonathan Bacon Isle of Wight
Edward Heron New Forest DC   Simon Letts Southampton CC
Martin Hatley Test Valley BC   Stephen Godfrey Winchester CC
Chief Executives
Nick Tustian Eastleigh BC   Peter Grimwood Fareham BC
Ian Lycett Gosport BC   John Coughlan Hampshire CC
Sandy Hopkins Havant BC
East Hants DC
  David Williams Portsmouth CC
Dawn Baxendale Southampton CC   Roger Tetstall Test Valley BC
Co-opted Members
Gloria Ighodaro Partnership for Urban
South Hampshire
  Kevin Bourner Homes &
Communities Agency
James Humphrys Environment Agency   Gary Jeffries Solent Local 
Enterprise Partnership

PUSH Spatial Position Statement to 2034


It is clear that Fareham will now have to find substantial new housing. Last November the figure was thought to be 2000+ above the projected figure of 6000 for Welborne. Today that figure of 2000 is a huge underestimate by a very long way. Residents should also note the long waited public consultation with regard to PUSH's housing figures have now been totally abandoned and residents will have to use Fareham's local plan review to challenge PUSH's housing assessment for this area.

PUSH understands only too well their Spatial Position Statement will carry an awful lot of weight within any local plan review. It is fair to say the public don't have a chance in challenging the numbers. PUSH knows full well that in abandoning the consultation which they have repeatedly promised the residents, they have made the task of challenging their numbers by residents and community groups more or less impossible. The definitive description of this act is "calculated".

This is what the Spatial Position Statement sets out to achieve - quoted from their PUSH icon website:

"The PUSH Spatial Position Statement sets out the overall need for, and a distribution of development in South Hampshire to 2034. It sets out the employment and housing development needed to promote economic growth, jobs and homes for all. It is focussed on achieving a renaissance of Portsmouth, Southampton and the other urbanareas, protecting the most important aspects of the environment and co-ordinating transport and other infrastructure. It proposes development targets for individual Councils within South Hampshire.

It forms a significant part of the statutory duty to co-operate that Councils have with each other, and will inform the preparation of Local Plans by each Council within PUSH."

Provision will be made for at least 104,350 net additional homes across South Hampshire and the Isle of Wight over the 2011-34 plan period. The distribution of housing provision is set out below.

Distribution of housing

Or 10% of the total is within Fareham not including Welborne.

PUSH icon The PUSH Spatial Position Statement to 2034 and associated evidence

This replaces the South Hampshire Strategy (2012) and its associated evidence, which looked to 2026:


Link to the original 2014 PUSH South Hampshire Strategic Housing Market Assessment report PDF Icon PDF file 3.12Mb

This is the document from which PUSH determined way back in 2014 that we would need as many houses as we did. Then they upped the figure even further. An interesting snippet is that according to this report nearly 70% of the households in the area covered by PUSH had an annual income of less than £50,000. On this a typical loan to value of 3 times - which is probably a fairly sensible and affordable mortgage would give a house value of £150.000.Don't forget this is HOUSEHOLD INCOME not salary - so who is going to be able to afford the new houses? Also don't forget to add on the extra costs - mortgage arrangement fees, surveyors fees, legal fees, stamp duty above £125,000, removal fees and so on.


Solent Local Enterprise Partnership SLEP Icon

Link to the Solent Local Enterprise Partnership website

The Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) was formed after the Government offered local areas the opportunity to take control of their future economic development. It is a locally-owned partnership between businesses and local authorities and plays a central role in determining local economic priorities and undertaking activities to drive economic growth and the creation of local jobs.

Gary Jeffries Solent LEP Chairman Managing Director, Hughes Ellard
Chris Allington Solent LEP Business Director Managing Director, Oxford Innovation
Nick Gross Solent LEP Business Director Chairman, Coffin Mew
Stuart Hill Solent LEP Chairman Operations Executive, IBM UK & Ireland
Brian Johnson Solent LEP Chairman Development Director - BAE Systems Naval Ships
Russell Kew Solent LEP Business Director Chief Executive, Wightlink
Dave Lees Solent LEP Business Director Managing Director, Southampton Airport
Sandra Sassow Solent LEP Business Director CEO - SEaB
Sir Christopher Snowden Solent LEP Higher Education Director Vice-Chancellor - University of Southampton
Cllr Jonathon Bacon Solent LEP Local Authority Director Barrister
Cllr Donna Jones Solent LEP Local Authority Director Leader, Portsmouth City Council
Cllr Keith Mans Solent LEP Local Authority Director Hampshire County Council
Cllr Simon Letts Solent LEP Local Authority Director Leader of Southampton City Council
Cllr Seán Woodward Solent LEP Local Authority Director Chief Executive, Fareham Borough Council
Chairman of the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire
Anne-Marie Mountifield Solent LEP Local Authority Director Executive Director Partnership for Urban South Hampshire

**Cllr Jonathon Bacon co-represents the wards of Brading, St Helens and Bembridge, he is also an Executive Member for Children's Services and was elected as Leader of the Isle of Wight Council.

Solent LEP states its three priorities to grow economy


It makes you wonder just how many QANGO's are actually involved in this current method of local government.

The News icon Link to The News article


The Fareham Society  Fareham Society

Link to the Fareham Society website


Wallington Village Community Association WVCA icon

Link to Wallington Village Community Association website

Village Hall

Wallington Village Community Association is the civic amenity society that serves Wallington, an old settlement within the borough of Fareham in Hampshire. Geographically the village lies at the head of Portsmouth Harbour and is bounded to the north by the M27 motorway, to the east by the motorway approach road and lies for the other two sides beside the River Wallington.


The Wickham Society

There is no website for this organisation but they can be contacted via Chris Hoare on 01329 836947


Index to Archived documents

Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)
Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP)
Funtley Village Society
Partnership for Urban South Hampshire (PUSH)


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