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Possibly I wasn't (being premature)


"The reported 'collapse' of the plans for a so-called Solent City - the Solent Combined Authority - brought sharp criticism from some quarters of the approach by Hampshire County Council.

The Daily Echo invited the Council's leader, Councillor Roy Perry to explain his thinking behind the issues around devolution in Hampshire.

Like the Daily Echo, I will only truly believe the Solent Combined Authority devolution deal is dead when it is confirmed by Government – we will know for sure in the forthcoming budget which I suspect will, in fact, be its death knell."

I wonder just what the TOTAL cost of this fiasco has been to the electorate of Hampshire. And after all of this time we still haven't been asked whether we wanted it or not.

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Oops, maybe I was a bit premature


Well our Council Leader obviously isn't going to give up that easily, he still seems to reckon that there's a method to get hold of that extra dosh.

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"However, Councillor Sean Woodward, leader of Fareham Borough Council insisted no decision had been made on the deal and that councils had been ‘assured’ it was still on the table.


Is Devolution now dead?


So after all the money that has been spent on trying to set the deal for devolution, it seems that Isle of Wight Conservative councillors have killed the plan. I guess that all that remains for me at the moment is to archive this page and wait for the next step.

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