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FBC's new hotel


Does it go here, or in the home page or in the developments page? My guess is that as it is a service industry and FBC will own the place after buying it with our taxes, this is the most appropriate.

PREMIER Inn has been named as the operator for a potential 84-bedroom taxpayer-owned hotel in a town centre.

Plans for the hotel are due to go on display at a consultation event in the shopping centre on March 23 and 24.

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The costs of fly-tipping


I am sure that nobody would claim that charging for the disposal of some types of rubbish at the re-cycling plants has caused ALL of this, but I am sure that it can't have helped either.

"Six councils, Portsmouth, Havant, Fareham, Gosport, East Hampshire and Winchester, spent £137,214 on enforcement.The same authorities spent £295,903 on clearing up the thousands of items of waste ditched in the countryside.

Fareham saw 325 incidents, which cost £20,007 to clear up and £11,748 in enforcement cost."

The one thing missing from this article is how much was reclaimed from the enforcement proceedings, or is that included in these figures?

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Fareham Today


Well it's a bit of luck that you are computer savvy because this is the last hard copy of the famous magazine, so full of fascinating and interesting news.

Fareham today cover

The full list if you want to catch up on past events back to 2012 is available here.

If you just want the current pdf iconPDF version, it is available here.

Alternatively the e-reader version is here


rubbish dump

HWRC changes may have to be reversed


"But the authority says Whitehall has caused ‘confusion’ over future policy which means that savings plans, including charges, may now need to be reconsidered."

If it is found to be an illegal charge will we all be able to reclaim the charges that we have paid so far?

I thought that there was enough animosity at these changes right at the start and now it looks as if HCC may have to cancel the charges and the changes to opening hours.

But they still can't accept any more fridges and freezers. You couldn't make it up really could you.

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Council freezes service


old fridgeCouncil stores are full of old freezers and fridges because the Government has not kept tabs on what the manufacturers are doing to meet their responsiblities under the WEEE regulations. What is the point in passing legislation when it only affects the end user unless it is properly policed? I wonder just how much this is going to cost us because the manufacturers have failed in their duties.


There is a national scheme put in place by the manufacturers, and regulated by the Government to address the management of end of life fridges and freezers. This dates from the concerns identified a number of years ago over CFC gases in the coolant and insulation on fridges and freezers, which requires them to be de-constructed in a controlled environment.

The responsibility for the safe disposal of redundant fridges and freezers rests with the manufacturers who have been required to set up a scheme to collect and deal with such appliances. Hampshire County Council, like many county councils, has continued to accept these appliances at their waste centres for collection and disposal through the manufacturer’s scheme, so householders are not inconvenienced.

However the national scheme has now effectively ground to a halt, as a result of inadequate re-processing capacity, a machinery failure at one plant, and very limited storage organised by the manufacturer’s scheme, leaving councils across the country with hundreds of redundant fridges and freezers filling up their waste centres, and with escalating costs for temporary storage, even if it can be found and agreed with the Environment Agency.

Until the Manufacturers act to resolve this, I regret to say that, with over 2,500 fridges already filling our HWRCs and all the extra storage we’ve been able to provide, we are rapidly approaching full capacity, and the scheme’s ‘emergency’ collections have not happened on anything like a sufficient scale over the last week or so to relieve the continuing build up as high numbers of units continue to be brought in. Hampshire County Council's daily update has now indicated that it we are at the point where it has almost exhausted our storage capacity. Given the fact that we are now starting the weekend, and we are expecting more units to come in, we are likely to put a formal no more fridges/freezers message out next week. In the meantime the council has issued a press statement to advise residents along these lines and to explain why there is a problem (we have also identified the need for Government as the regulator of the scheme to take action to get the manufacturers to resolve the problem).

Over the weekend the council is maintaining its existing approach which basically asks people to call HWRCs in advance to make sure they can accept their fridge/freezer; but residents may potentially be turned away at some sites.


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