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Can we afford to die?


Cllr. Woodward outside Holly Hill CemetaryIs there a parallel universe that Cllr. Woodward retreats to when bad news hits or have I totally misread this? The grammar is so bad that I could well have got the wrong end of the coffin. Presumably this is one of the reasons that our rates are so low. Your relatives pay when you die.

Quote from an article in The Daily Echo: "The news also comes follows research from Funeralbooker, an independent funeral comparison service, which showed that burial fees across the county cost £1,540 in Fareham, compared to £796 across the county.

A spokesman for Cruise Bereavement, a charity which offers support and counselling to the bereaved, said: "The cost of cremation and burial fees is very worrying for families.

Not only are people dealing with bereavement they suddenly have big bills to pay, it compounds grief."

Cllr Woodward, added: "Places like Fareham offers the least expensive funeral arrangements for the bereaved."


Consultation on the Community Infrastructure Levy


Fareham Borough Council is consulting on amendments to its Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Regulation123 List, and is inviting comments over a four-week period from Thursday 4 January 2018 until 5pm on Thursday 1 February 2018.

Click here for The Community Infrastructure Levy – Amended Regulation 123 List (for Consultation)

For the report

And here for the details

These documents can also be viewed at the Council's Civic Offices in Fareham.

How to Submit Comments:
By e-mail and will be accepted if sent before the closing date and time, 5pm, 1 February 2018. You will receive confirmation that your comments have been received.

By post or delivered in person to:
Civic Offices: Fareham Borough Council Development Management Civic Offices, Civic Way Fareham, Hampshire PO16 7AZ

If you are sending your comments by post please allow sufficient time for delivery.


Fly tipping costs in Fareham increase by £58,000


There are now more fly-tipping incidents and at a greater cost than any other authority in Hampshire.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs figures for 2016/17 show investigation costs for Fareham were £32,967 up from £11,715, clear-up costs up from £20,007 to £66,002 and the number of incidents up to 1,387 from 325. According to our Council it is because they have changed the way that they count the figures so do the other authorities use a different method and that still wouldn't account for the increase in cost. There is something here that doesn't seem to quite add up. Have FBC been mis-reporting the problem in the past and have now been forcred to publish the true figures?

Maybe a Request for Information is needed.

 Link to The News article.

Link to the Daily Echo article.


HCC's £140M short term gain long term pain


Are they really serious about closing half of the HWRCs (tips)? We have seen the level of fly-tipping increase since they started charging for some items of waste, now they are trying to charge for EVERY visit although they don't say whether the additional charges will still apply.
 Link to The News article.

Quote - "A Hampshire-wide fly-tipping strategy is being developed", a Campaign to Protect Rural England Hampshire spokeswoman said.

Chairwoman Dee Haas said: 'CPRE Hampshire wants to see an end to fly-tipping. It is an eyesore, an environmental polluter and a hazard to domestic animals and wildlife.'"
Yet despite this they still keep removing and reducing services, lollipop patrols, and community transport. More vehicles less child safety, more pollution less affordable public transport. more fly-tipping less HWRCs. All this after reductions in adult and children's social care have already taken place. One wonders do the powers that be really live in the same world as ordinary people?
 Link to The News article.

Fly tipping fines have been issued to just one person in southern Hampshire
Link to the Daily Echo article.


Could this be the end of the free bus pass?


Not only the bus pass but community transport services as well. I am not totally certain who funds our local community transport service although I do know that Community Action Fareham who runs the service at the moment is due to disappear because funding has been transferred to 1Community. Probably where HCC leads on this FBC will follow. Trouble is without the bus pass holders our local services would probably disappear altogether.

Quote from Link to the Daily Echo article.

"We appreciate the value of community transport services and have made representations to the Government to allow nominal charges for bus passes – as we know that some concessionary bus pass holders have said that they would rather pay something rather than lose their service."


HCC councillors vote to support £19M worth of cuts.


"The majority of councillors at the economy, transport and environment select committee voted to recommend the proposals to cabinet, with the exception of the three Liberal Democrat councillors Rupert Kyrle, Martin Tod and David Simpson"

 Link to The Daily Echo article.


HCC plans to slash £20M from services


Following months of public consultation, Hampshire County Council officers have suggested almost £20m could be saved by the tabled cuts which could see school crossing patrols (£1.2m), subsidised bus services and community transport (combined £4m) lose their entire funding pot.

The proposed cuts are part of a plan by the county council to address an anticipated budget shortfall of £140m by April 2019.

And they also suggest that £1.2m could be saved by closing household waste recycling centres – £100,000 per site – and amending the hours of the rest.
 Link to The Daily Echo article.




Anger over Fareham Borough council's introduction of £60 charge to deal with rodents

 Link to The Daily Echo article.

Possibly the other question to ask is the speed of response. When you have rats in the house a two week wait for the exterminators to turn up doesn't help much.

Don't forget that a lot of household insurance policies cover for RAT infestation. You need to check your policies carefully.


Further HCC cuts


Quote from  The Daily Echo article

“The Serving Hampshire – Balancing the Budget consultation asks residents and stakeholders to give us their views on a number of high-level, strategic options including potential changes to services, further ways to generate income and potential increases in council tax.

“It is important to stress that at this stage, the county council is not proposing specific changes to services.

“Any proposals will be informed by feedback from this consultation and subject to further, more detailed public engagement.”

The consultation closes on August 21.

 Link to the consultation


Stubbington allotments


Stroud Green A CONSULTATION on proposals to bring allotments to open space has been extended.
People can now give comments on the Stroud Green allotment plans until Monday, June 26.
It comes as Fareham Borough Council wants to add a further 35 plots to the open space in Stubbington.

This will be discussed at the CAT meeting in Holy Rood Church on June 20th

 Link to The News article.

FBC's new hotel


Does it go here, or in the home page or in the developments page? My guess is that as it is a service industry and FBC will own the place after buying it with our taxes, this is the most appropriate.

PREMIER Inn has been named as the operator for a potential 84-bedroom taxpayer-owned hotel in a town centre.

Plans for the hotel are due to go on display at a consultation event in the shopping centre on March 23 and 24.

The News icon  Link to The News article


The costs of fly-tipping


I am sure that nobody would claim that charging for the disposal of some types of rubbish at the re-cycling plants has caused ALL of this, but I am sure that it can't have helped either.

"Six councils, Portsmouth, Havant, Fareham, Gosport, East Hampshire and Winchester, spent £137,214 on enforcement.The same authorities spent £295,903 on clearing up the thousands of items of waste ditched in the countryside.

Fareham saw 325 incidents, which cost £20,007 to clear up and £11,748 in enforcement cost."

The one thing missing from this article is how much was reclaimed from the enforcement proceedings, or is that included in these figures?

The News icon  Link to The News article


Fareham Today


Well it's a bit of luck that you are computer savvy because this is the last hard copy of the famous magazine, so full of fascinating and interesting news.

Fareham today cover

The full list if you want to catch up on past events back to 2012 is available here.

If you just want the current pdf iconPDF version, it is available here.

Alternatively the e-reader version is here


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