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Archived Documents

We have tried to keep the main pages for on-going activities and latest news. To that end documentation has been archived here.
Where possible they have been filed under the relevant development but there is also the generic group for cross- development notes.

Council Services

Archived Description
12-06-2017 Stubbington allotments
28-10-2016 HWRC changes may have to be reversed
16-10-2016 Council freezes service
16-08-2016 Now for the first charges
24-07-2016 Looks like it is going to be the worst of both worlds.
22-01-2016 Care in the Community
19-01-2016 Recycling centres across Hampshire could close in bid to save £1.2m



Archived Description
19-10-2017Gosport still don't agree with IFA2.
07-08-2017Is IFA2 in the right place?
05-08-2017Future of £500m electrical power centre in Fareham was ‘in doubt’.
01-08-2017Extract from the Full Council meeting 27-07-2017.
02-11-2016IFA2 decision moves closer.
16-10-2016Could there be larger problems with IFA2 than we thought?
05-08-2016Future of £500m electrical power centre in Fareham was ‘in doubt’.
29-07-2016I wonder if this will allay Britten-Norman's fears.
24-07-2016Not only the Navy are objecting.
11-07-2016Now this is an objection that might be very hard to ignore.
28-06-2016Warsash Residents Association support IFA2.
03-06-2016More views from local residents on IFA2.
31-05-2016NATS Radar tower to go ahead.
24-05-2016Proposed IFA2 CAT Meeting.
24-05-2016Plans for second Innovation Centre.
17-05-2016Planning application lodged with FBC.
15-04-2016Concerns plans for radar on Daedalus could set precedent for IFA2.
11-04-2016Council executive committee meeting.
05-04-2016IFA2 update.
11-04-2016Council executive committee meeting.
04-03-2016And now NATS want to join in.
04-03-2016Interconnector update.
10-01-2006What is IFA2?
06-01-2016More Gosport than Fareham.
15-11-2015Interconnector Project IFA2.



Archived Description
01-12-2016 Is government funding for Fareham's roads about to cease?
20-10-2016 And another 358 for Portchester
17-10-2016 FBC to buy magistrates court?
12-10-2016 5 Year land supply.
04-01-2017 Types of 'affordable' housing
03-01-2017 FBC to target new Gov't grants for starter homes.
16-12-2016 Eastleigh join the new town brigade.
01-12-2016 Is government funding for Fareham's roads about to cease?
20-10-2016 And another 358 for Portchester
17-10-2016 FBC to buy magistrates court?
12-10-2016 Planning Committee meeting, October 12th 2016.
13-09-2016 Possibly another new development for Warsash
17-08-2016 Local Plan Review.
03-08-2016 Southern Water’s goal to reduce water consumption
31-07-2016 Will 6000 houses just south make the problem worse?
26-07-2016 Fareham police station eyed up for housing as force plans exit
17-07-2016 Around 100,000 homes in the offing as ‘Solent City’ moves closer to reality
23-06-2016 Notes on the Planning Committee held on 23-06-2016
31-05-2016 Unaffordable housing
03-05-2016 'Affordable' housing
21-04-2016 House prices
27-01-2016 Distorting effect of new houses
22-01-2016 National Planning Policy Framework
18-01-2016 Housing Numbers
30-11-2015 Comments in Fareham Today.


Archived Description
08-06-2016 Coldeast page archived

Furze Court

Archived Description
11-12-2016 Furze Court page archived


Archived Description
19-03-2017 Furzehall page archived

Hamilton Road

Archived Description
19-03-2017 Hamilton Road page archived


Archived Description
14-03-2014 Original plans

Peel Common roundabout

Archived Description
10-12-2016 Peel Common page archived

Strawberry Fields

Archived Description
10-12-2016 Strawberry Fields page archived

Windmill Grove

Archived Description
16-10-2016 Windmill Grove page archived


Archived Description
07-07-2017 Commission on the Future of Localism – Evidence hearing.
07-06-2017 A sort of alternative to a Parish Council.
22-05-2017 I thought that we had finished with this.
27-02-2017 Possibly I wasn't (being premature).
29-01-2017 Oops, maybe I was a bit premature.
26-01-2017 Is Devolution now dead?
02-11-2016 Full steam ahead for Fareham.
25-10-2016 IoW Executive overrules Full Council.
20-10-2016 IoW delays devolution.
12-10-2016 Could Portsmouth follow with a referendum?
12-10-2016 Chris Whitehouse: Say no to the Solent Combined Authority.
12-09-2016 I wonder if Southampton and the I.o.W feel the same?
11-09-2016 Some thoughts from Manchester.
05-09-2016 A plea from a Southsea resident.
28-08-2016 SCA to fund Junction 10?
10-08-2016 Consultation - what consultation?
30-07-2016 And now Portwighthampton to start consultations.
26-07-2016 Residents to be consulted on Greater Hampshire plans.
24-07-2016 Funtley ignored again.
22-07-2016 Portsmouth Southampton and the Isle of Wight team up.
15-07-2016 Residents should be involved.
05-06-2016 Let battle commence.
22-05-2016 So the Deloitte report cost us £89,000.
18-05-2016 Council leaders hit back in battle for future of Hampshire.
17-05-2016 And now for the official take on Solent City.
14-05-2016 Devolved Hampshire.
29-04-2016 Latest on devolutions.
29-03-2016 Minister speaks highly of Solent devolution.
26-03-2016 £1bn plan for Solent dimissed as 'peanuts'.
15-03-2016 Mayoral elections next year (maybe).
14-03-2016 Hampshire 'could get elected mayor' in this week's budget
08-03-2016 Could the devolution bid mean that we could see the end of our local councils?
27-02-2016 Devolution could split hampshire in two.
22-02-2016 At last night’s Council Meeting there was an announcement on Hampshire's devolution plans.
  Hampshire and Isle of Wight Devolution Partnership.
  Is Hampshire Devolution doomed?
  Devolution and what it means.


Emergency Services

External Organisations

Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP)

Archived Description
14-05-2016 New seawall at Hill Head.
02-08-2016 Portchester to Paulsgrove Plans.
01-08-2016 Plans to improve Hill Head continue.


Archived Description
21-06-2017 Wicor Primary School hits the big time.
08-06-2017 MPs lack of response to the Welborne question.
07-06-2017 Thank goodness for the videos.
05-06-2017 MPs response to the Welborne question.
02-06-2017 Prospective MPs replies to Welborne concerns.
04-05-2017 Stubbington Snooker Club or flats?
16-04-2017 Fareham Borough Local Plan.
15-04-2017 Council warns it needs to build 3,000 extra homes.
11-04-2017 Local Council's rich list.
03-04-2017 Monday's Executive Committee meeting.
12-03-2017 Garden Village population densities.
10-03-2017 Lidl's bringing A27 to a standstill.
28-02-2017 Could this call the lie on developments?
17-02-2017 And the County precept goes up.
28-01-2017 Thought on the 5 year land supply.
19-01-2017 Report about CCG governing body meeting.
17-01-2017 CCG to host meeting in public.
23-12-2016 Water - meeting future needs in Hampshire.
30-11-2016 Post Office consultation.
29-11-2016 Post Office relocation.
05-09-2016 PSPO - Still time to sort of air your views.
12-07-2016 CAT Meeting, The Victory Hall Warsash, July 12th 2016.
28-06-2016 CAT Meeting, Holy Rood Church Stubbington, June 28th 2016.
19-05-2016 National Grid earnings surge 19%.
22-04-2016 Fareham braces itself for £23m council homes repair bill.
19-04-2016 Give parish councils the right to appeal planning decisions.
15-04-2016 Latest update.
10-04-2016 Why Building More Houses is Not the Answer.
04-04-2016 Received from PPS group 04-04-2016.
30-03-2016 Hill head beach huts.
19-03-2016 Cllr. Woodward sheds three of his roles.
18-03-2016 Still a plethora of unanswered questions.
14-03-2016 And so it goes on.
22-02-2016 Housing numbers.
20-02-2016 Informing a wider community of plans in Fareham.
16-02-2016 University's vision for maritime education and training announced.
07-02-2016 It is not just us that are starting to realise what is going on.
31-01-2016 Property values.
12-12-2015 Development sites - Who is taking the corporate view? (cont)
26-11-2015 Development sites - Who is taking the corporate view?
24-11-2015 Second reading of the Direct Planning Bill
03-09-2015 Summary of the CAT Meeting held at Holy Rood Church 03-09-2015.
01-11-2015 Housing requirements - current position
22-05-1964 A bit of history



Archived Description
29-08-2016 Expanding business park brings concern over A32 traffic
23-08-2016 Why did they close the M27?
28-06-2016 I thought that they were doing something about Speedfields Park
31-05-2016 Another member with good ideas
30-05-2016 £25,000,000 pledged only another £55,000,000 or so to go
29-05-2016 Hampshire transport chiefs have scaled back controversial limits to road improvements.
20-05-2016 Traffic queues.
15-05-2016 The final instalment to our member's comments on traffic is now here.
18-05-2016 A layman's take on the A27.
13-05-2016 Newgate Lane and A32 see a total of 6,000 days of roadworks in just four years.
12-05-2016 The way forward?
01-05-2016 Traffic lights.
16-04-2016 Road history.
10-04-2016 South East given £8.3M to beat potholes.
23-11-2015 Are the wheels starting to fall off the juggernaut?
06-11-2015 M27 jams after crash on 05-11-2015.
10-10-2015 Hampshire County Council changes to highway environmental work.
??-??-2005 Transport bosses to sample A32 gridlock.
??-??-1964 It proves that we are still really living in the last century.

Peel Common roundabout

Archived Description
10-12-2016 Peel Common page archived


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